Director/Secretary FCT-SEB: Dr. Muhammed Sani Ladan

Director's Office

The Office of the Director SEB, in line with the National Secondary Education Commission Act No 47 0f 1999 is mandated to perform the following functions

  • The management of Senior Secondary Schools in FCT
  • Setting up of an effective, functional supervisory unit
  • Approves media publications of the Board's activities
  • Directs and receives report on the Board's audit matters
  • Receives legal advice on policy matters of the Board
  • Dealing with leave matters, including annual vacation
  • The recruitment, appointment, promotion, discipline of staff
  • Liaises with sister Agencies/Departments on education matters
  • Ensuring the annual reports are rendered by Heads of schools & teachers
  • Disbursing funds accruing to it from both Federal and FCT Administration

Some key offices under the Director's Office

  • Administaration
  • Procurement Unit
  • Account Unit
  • Legal Unit
  • Audit Unit
  • ICCS.